How to Download and Install Free Fonts

Free fonts can be downloaded from sites that specialize in font (or typeface) delivery for both Windows and Mac. I'm creating this tutorial specifically for Windows, wherein you have already selected a font but want to know how to the install and use the font. I'll also assume this is a free font you've selected (and if you are using this free font for anything commercial, be sure to check the usage policy on the font, by the creator of the font).

First, you'll want to find the "download" link on the site for that particular font. I can only be of limited help here, because every site's download link for each font is different. Once you've downloaded it, you may notice it isn't a TTF (truetype font) file. It may be in what is called an archive, with other information. You'll have to remove the font from the archive (ZIP and RAR are examples of archives. If your operating system has archive software installed on it, you'll simply be able to see the TTF or OTF file in the archive and be able to drag it out). I recommend placing it on the desktop temporarily.

In Windows 7, all you'll need to do is doubleclick on the font file and a preview window should open. Here you can inspect the font, and select "install" from the top, next to "print."

In Windows XP, go to your Control Panel, and doubleclick on "Fonts." Then select "File" and then "Install New Font." Locate your desktop, and select the font we previously dragged there. Then click "OK."

If the font doesn't appear, the first thing you'll want to try is closing and re-opening any program that you want to use your free font in. You can also check the Windows/Fonts folder, located in your Windows installation folder (typically on your main Hard Drive as C:\Windows\Fonts) to ensure that the font has been placed there. If it is not there, reinstall the font. I would also recommend restarting your computer.

Installing a free font from the internet may be a little tricky at first, but once you've done it a time or two, you'll realize it is a fairly simple process and can give your words that extra flair you were looking for!