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AaIrcChat by Rob Leuschke

Free Font AaIrcChat

Download AaIrcChat Font

aim chat cry devil dingbats emoticons faces happy IRC sad smileys wink yawn

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Emoticons by Purdy Design

Free Font Emoticons

Download Emoticons Font

aim computers dingbats emoticons emotions frown funny faces happy icons IM instant messaging Messenger MSN sad smiles smilies smily surprised Yahoo

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Face it! by West Wind Fonts

Free Font Face it!

Download Face it! Font

aim angry circles dingbats emoticons emotions eyes faces frustrated goofy heads instant messaging laughing lol mouth nose roflmao smiley

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HAPPY FAMILY by Billy Argel


Download HAPPY FAMILY Font

aim angry argel billy billy argel billyargel crying dingbat dingbats doodles drawing drawn emoticon emoticons emotions expressions eyes faces figural frown frustrated goofy happy heads heart hearts instant messaging laughing lol mouth nose peace roflmao sad smile smiley smileys smilies smiling TOY

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KR Deb's Emoticons by Kat's Fun Fonts

Free Font KR Deb's Emoticons

Download KR Deb's Emoticons Font

aim aol dingbats emoticons emotions gtalk happy icons IM instant messaging jabber sad smiley wink Yahoo

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Social Networking Icons by Matt Grey Design

Free Font Social Networking Icons

Download Social Networking Icons Font

aim amazon aol apple block brands buttons computer delicious deviantart digg dingbats dribbble ebay facebook friendfeed google icon icons lastfm linkedin logo Macintosh microsoft myspace networking newsvine PayPal picasa reddit rss skype slashdot social social icons social media social networking square stumbleupon technorati twitter vimeo web20 websites windows wordpress Yahoo youtube

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SocialIcons by ptocheia

Free Font SocialIcons

Download SocialIcons Font

aim blogger buttons delicious digg dingbats facebook flickr friendfeed google icons lastfm linkedin myspace newsvine openid picasa reddit rss sharethis skype social social icons social media stumbleupon technorati twitter websites wordpress Yahoo yelp

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