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38 free fonts in the topic of magic.
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Magic School by FontMesa

Free Font Magic School

Download Magic School Font

broom famous fantasy Harry Potter J.K. Rowling magic sorcery spells wand

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Magehunter by Fontmaker

Free Font Magehunter

Download Magehunter Font

bones claws decorative fantasy gothic mage magic medieval pointed wizard

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Magic Catalog by Gaut Fonts

Free Font Magic Catalog

Download Magic Catalog Font

cards dingbats illusions magic magician performer retro slight of hand tricks

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Mage by Fontmaker

Free Font Mage

Download Mage Font

celtic gaelic international magic wizard

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Parry Hotter by Anke-Art

Free Font Parry Hotter

Download Parry Hotter Font

blackletter broom famous Harry Potter J.K. Rowling magic movies old english sorcery spells wand

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Parseltongue by Carpe Saponem

Free Font Parseltongue

Download Parseltongue Font

art nouveau decorative display famous fantasy halloween Harry Potter holidays J.K. Rowling magic movies spells

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Ringbearer by Pete Klassen

Free Font Ringbearer

Download Ringbearer Font

Bilbo Baggins decorative famous fantasy Frodo Baggins Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings magic movies

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Romance Fatal Serif by Juan Casco

Free Font Romance Fatal Serif

Download Romance Fatal Serif Font

curly magic modern roman romance fatal serif spiky

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sabrina by Fey Productions

Free Font sabrina

Download sabrina Font

cute girly magic novelty party sparkly stars

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SL Mythological Silhouettes by Su Lucas

Free Font SL Mythological Silhouettes

Download SL Mythological Silhouettes Font

dingbats dragons family crest fantasy griffins lion magic mermaids mythological mythology pegasus silhouettes symbols unicorn unicorns

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