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24 free fonts in the topic of italics.
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BM pinhole by BitmapMania

Free Font BM pinhole

Download BM pinhole Font

bitmap italics led pixel

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Argel Font by Billy Argel

Free Font Argel Font

Download Argel Font Font

argel artsy billy billy argel billyargel blackletter Calligraphic Calligraphy decorative fancy fashionable flourish italics magazine poster scrapbook script swash tattoo trendy

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AB Futurun by redFONTS

Free Font AB Futurun

Download AB Futurun Font

italics Sliced

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BN Jinx by Ben's Fonts

Free Font BN Jinx

Download BN Jinx Font

decorative italics rounded

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Catalunya Choo Choo NF by Nick's Fonts

Free Font Catalunya Choo Choo NF

Download Catalunya Choo Choo NF Font

1920s 1930s bold heavy italics retro vintage

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Chlorinut by Caffeen

Free Font Chlorinut

Download Chlorinut Font

Basic italics

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Claytoona by Brain Stew Fonts

Free Font Claytoona

Download Claytoona Font

decorative italics

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Egypt by Manfred Klein

Free Font Egypt

Download Egypt Font

italics serif slab-serif

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Faustant by Manfred Klein

Free Font Faustant

Download Faustant Font

decorative italics serif

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HydrogenBomb by BombHaus Digital Foundry

Free Font HydrogenBomb

Download HydrogenBomb Font

Futuristic italics Sci-Fi

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