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10 free fonts in the topic of scales.
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Alfabilder by Peter Wiegel

Free Font Alfabilder

Download Alfabilder Font

ABC abcedarian alphabet anchor apple apples ball barrel bird book boxers briefs bucket burger bus can car children clock clothespin computer dice dingbats dinosaur elephant eraser eyes feet fish fork frying pan glass guitar hamburger hammer horse island jacket juice keg kettle kids knife ladder learning lighthouse mouse mushroom needle owl phone pig piggy bank rabbit rhino ring sardines saw scales scissors silverware sun teacup telephone television tree TV umbrella vase wheat wine xylophone yacht yo-yo zebra

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Dar Skin by Fontmaker

Free Font Dar Skin

Download Dar Skin Font

alligator crocodile fontbat gravel leather mosaic patterned rocks scales skin snake snakeskin textured

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Dragoon by Gyrl Friday

Free Font Dragoon

Download Dragoon Font

asian creatures dragons fantasy fontbat international mythology scales

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Dinosaur Skin by Liquid Parallax

Free Font Dinosaur Skin

Download Dinosaur Skin Font

animal decorative dinosaur fontbat scales skin textured

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Ginger Snake by Gulash

Free Font Ginger Snake

Download Ginger Snake Font

reptiles scales snakes snakeskin textured

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Mixed Bag 3 by Digital Magic

Free Font Mixed Bag 3

Download Mixed Bag 3 Font

basket birdhouse dingbats justice scales sunshine teapot teeth toothbrush

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Signigficante by Intellecta Design

Free Font Signigficante

Download Signigficante Font

anchor atoms clouds cogs coins dingbats dominoes duel female flags gears gender hammers icons justice lightning male money playing cards scales soccer Swords symbols tools warning

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Spirited Away by DaptsFonts

Free Font Spirited Away

Download Spirited Away Font

Chinese fish oriental scales sharp textured traditional

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Scaling the Dragon by GemFonts

Free Font Scaling the Dragon

Download Scaling the Dragon Font

alligator dragons patterned scales skin snake textured

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Unity Dances by Cumberland Fontworks

Free Font Unity Dances

Download Unity Dances Font

all caps display fading halftone Morris Fuller Benton scales scaly screen skin square textured titling

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